November 16, 2013

Sdkfz 250/3

An old gem has found it's way to the workbench:

Interior on the way

Engine bay test fitted, a little detailing on the engine such as spark,power cables and pipings

The painted and weathered engine before final assembly.

Radio equipment

Inerior in detail

First coat of primer, Vallejo primer red

Second coat is Tamiya xf63 gray with some light gray modulations 

Third and last AK's RAL 8000 to make a two tone cammo scheme.

October 11, 2013

New airbrush arrived

The H&S Infinity CRplus two in one is a major investment but hopefully worth it. I will try to make a small review in the future.

Land wasser schlepper - undercarriage. Done

Now for the tracks.....

June 15, 2013

Spitfire IXc - Finished

A few shots of the finished result:

Spitfire IXc - continued

I have comletly forgotten to update this build - but here comes:

Fuselage and wings assembled:

First top color applied and a new experiment with Maskol for the cammo

Lower surface preshaded and painted

Upper side two tone cammo done.

The liberty stribes masked and painted.

Decals applied and a coat of gloss varnish

Spitfire IXc - cont'nd

Land Wasser Schlepper - Paint

Finally I got around to beginning the paintjob.
The interior has been preshaded and panted with MM's Panzer interior Buff.

 The exterior has also been preshaded and then paited wit Tamiyas Panzer grey.

May 16, 2013

Spitfire IXc

The cockpit assembled and painted, with Gunze acrylics

I've blended a ligt drybrush color to highlights

Then I thinned an AK streaking grime and used it as filter (the green one)
Finally a light pin wash with AK's brown sreaking grime

Test asembly of the cockpit in the fuselage

May 11, 2013

Spitfire IXc - start

 Since I've caught "The propella bug" Im of to do Eduards new Spitfire namely the - Eduard profipack 1/48

Tonight I've finished the cockpit which is ready for paint. It was a bit pain with the few PE parts, as usual not my favourite job.

Stuka Ju87B-2 - Hasagawa 1/48

I've finished this gem yesterday. It sure is long ago since I've  last build something with a propella.


February 17, 2013

Ma.k. Kröte 1/20 - Nitto kit

A while ago I got hold of a few Ma.K. sets at a good price, only downside was the were partly build. But build fine and unpainted.
I have now finnished the first - a Kröte wich is ready for painting.
I haven't decided on the paint scheme yet.

 The body have been treated with Mr Surfacer 500 with an old brush to simulate that cast iron surface who looks so cool and rustic.

Tow bars and stuff has been replaced with brass ones, not rocket science and major scratch but it gives a little to the model I think.

That spring thingie on the back of the head has been conected to the back of the housing with a brass axle and a wing nut in plastic, It looked odd that the spring wasn't attached to anything.

The Search light has been painted with Humbrull transparent blue from the back of the lens. I think it looks so awesome and I'm in doubt whether or not to mount the screen on top of it.

My workspace

A while ago I moved to a new apartment and got an awesome new hobby room.

I even got room for a little showcase picked up at a flee marked. Beneath the showcase is my spray boot.

 At the far end on the wall is my acrylics department.

Opposite is the library and stash of models to be build.

To the left is the AK and Model Master section, above my little homemade photo studio.