January 23, 2013

Land Wasser Schlepper - ready for paint

Almost done now. The task of securing the fenders was a success. Just a little sanding and filling with green stuff.


January 17, 2013

Land Wasser Schlepper( Brocno) Bumper

My kit is the "limited" edition" so included in the set is bag of resin bumpers.

The bumpers are to be assembled from 6 pieces, and 3 spare/filler pieces.
I chose to drill holes and glue brass rods in the pieces to ease the assembly. 


Land Wasser Schlepper( Brocno) assembled

The Model is almost done and ready for painting. I have divided the model in sub assemblies to ease the paint job. That's why the suspensions are taped up, to keep them in place so nothing breaks because the outer struts are loose for the wheels to come in place.


January 12, 2013

Tamiya Pz. III ausf L

I finished this D.A.K. Pz. III a while ago, but I needed some experience in taking pictures and editing so here are a few shots.

January 11, 2013

Land Wasser Schlepper (Bronco)

The Land Wasser Schlepper, a cool amphibious troop carrier that won my heart from first sight.
So obvously I had to build one, here goes:


Airbrush cleaning rods

A cheap tool for cleaning your airbrush are theese toothpick thingies found at Lidl supermarked.

January 10, 2013

Land wasser Schlepper (Bronco) contd.

the suspension and wheels are done. Each set consists of 11 pieces and 2 wheels.

 I´we got hold of a wheel paint mask for making the painstaking process of masking and painting the wheels more easy.

Mug 'O' tank cup

One of my basic tools for those long hours of building; My Tiger mug, souvenir from Munster Panzer museum.